The start of a new year, why not get things off to a good start by buying yourself some time in the future and getting organised.
I recently watched Casey Neisters video’s on his studio and it made my brain collapse, no wonder he is knocking great job after great job out of his studio, It’s so practical and organised, no time is wasted. While myself and you are looking to find are stapler or printer cable in the scramble of wires, Casey is already a step ahead.

It is a 3 part series, click Two and Three to watch.
Although I don’t have the space to go as full out as Casey, I thought it would be good to take some of the tips and put them in to action, to get things moving more creatively for me while working in the studio.
I have been bouncing around the idea of a stand up desk for a while, especially for drawing  so I bit the bullet and made one myself, having that separation for natural hand drawing work from the digital world of editing and the internet has been a hugely beneficial already.
Next, I had a collection of old tool boxes holding all my pens, stamps, inks etc, so I decided to put it all together in a mechanics unit, I first saw this a year or so ago at Chris’s house, he had it set up next to his desk and my eyes where dazzled, a perfect fit for an artist’s tools.
A list of other things to help keep myself organised till moving in to a bigger studio space in the year, are:
– Labeling the top of plugs
– Ordering my library to relate
– Having paper and pen at easy arms reach
– Blackboard for the to do list
– Hardcase for my camera equipment to be stored ready at a moments notice
– My stamps collated, as seen in the picture below

I mean as Mary Poppin’s said, “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun”
Suffoca_Stamps( Slightly off topic, but I recently saw Saving Mr Banks at the movies, loved it! )