Chowing down in London :: I’m sure by now everyone know’s the myth that London doesn’t have good food is nothing but a Chinese whisper.

A city steeped in history, with a huge diverse of cultures like many main cities, we produce some amazing food, if I do say so myself. Probably my favourite market in London is Borough market, dating back from the 13th century. It’s been a great spot to take in a bit of everything on offer in London, from the classic fish and chips, cockles to Jamaican, Thai, and pretty much the rest of the world’s cuisine. It’s definitely one of a kind, I highly recommend going if you’re about.

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Another great spot to grab some munchies is at Dalston Street Feast. Myself, my other half, and Kat all met up with one of our best friends Jemma, who’s a true foodie with super talent. Running her business Crumb’s & Dollies and entertaining the world through her online cooking shows on Youtube, she rules. Im sure I’ll be featuring more of Jemma soon, as she’s working on getting a shop up and running real soon.

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Street Feast was hosting the likes of many great young food companies like Pizza Pilgrims, Breddos Tacos, SmokeStak, You Doughnut and many more, ready for us to fill our chops with some of the best bites on offer. Success!

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And theres more food…

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NFL :: I caught my first ever NFL game over at Wembley. I’m not crazy about a lot sports, but I did have a really good time, I may now be a NFL fan, thanks to the guys at Nike.

Suffoca_London_0001 Suffoca_London_001

Tower Bridge :: I thought it would be nice to finish this wonder up with some recent shots of my favourite bridge and close by, I won’t load you with history on London’s Tower bridge, but it sure is beautiful.

Suffoca_London_0211 Suffoca_London_041-tower-bridge

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