I have spent alot of my time these past 2 weeks trying to find some downtime to blog and collect together the mounds of photos and video that has been filling up my laptop, but its about time i get to share it with you guys, so here is whats been going on…

Spending the best part of  two weeks over in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard we have been catching up with old friends and as always on trips meeting a ton of new friendly people. I’ve been to Boston a couple of times and yet i still don’t know much about the city and surprisingly neither did some of guys who live here so we thought we would check out one of the most fun ways to learn history and jump on a bus/boat duck tour with a pirate.

Im a big fan of this city and it holds a lot of good memories, i would like to live here for a bit at some point for a year or so.

After sailing my way through the city and catching some great food, we headed down to to the Vineyard to go catch up with the rest of the gang. They have been working on the Johnny Cupcakes pop up shop for the past week or so. We travelled down to roll in the waves and create some smiles.

Theres a bunch of other footage i want to show, but first i need to explore in New York . . . Until next time.