Preparing for the unknown.

The last couple of weeks paired up with the weather have been a real treat. Taking some time from the desk, to hangout with friends , talk about the future and start planning out some exciting projects. Suffoca is still a young brand only showing a bite of what it has in store, so recently I have been illustrating the whole Suffoca world that you will be introduced to in the near future.

Prosper sneaking out the cinema, while beanman’s sorting out delivery of orders.

Our good friends Lucas & Arielle tip toed over to borough market with me & maisie, to be hypnotised by mountains of cheese, chorizo snacks and a whole family of fruits squeezed in to a cup, yumm..

I could do the same thing everyday with these guys and have laugh. its not always about the places you are, but the people your with. Suffoca has been a great platform for meeting people and learning from other peoples trades, it is definitely all about making the effort to put yourself out there. I have made some of my best friends from the simple @ on twitter to meeting up and getting on like bread and butter.

Maisie laughing at my addiction with taking photos of birds.

Lucas and me using a new float app.

We popped in to see the Damien Hirst exhibition over at the Tate Modern, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by some of his pieces, there were a couple of pieces that really stuck in my head for a while. I remember years ago I saw a small, what looked like a glittery black crystal board in a gallery, It was actually Hirst’s work, made up from dead flies. At the Tate, there was a huge black circle which was also the same thing, something about that seems strangely cool to me, he defiantly has a thing for death though.

Strawberry lemonade rules.

Last meal of the day, a round up of the gang and a feast over at Pingpong to build towers of dim sum box’s and tell each other how good each bite is, while filling up on news of recent adventures.

Josh is planning out a hardcore band with mountain goats….

Long time friend Jules has been busy weaving his way through music management, helping out the likes of skrillex, flux pavilion and more, he has also got his own thing going on over at our dubs.
Ok I lied, one more bite? Ive always got room for some peanut butter gelato.