Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Ive spent the last week traveling around Ireland and Scotland with Professor Green and the rest of team green, documenting the adventures and antics we got up to. I have never been to Ireland or Scotland before so I was super stoked to go explore. 

DJ IQ prepping for stage.

First stop, Ireland, I don’t know what I was expecting, but what I discovered is some really inviting people and some neat buildings, great meat places to eat and of course the stereotypical homely irish pubs with locals who walk slightly like what you imagine a leprechaun to walk like… ha
After stopping over in Dublin and Cork for a few nights we set off to grab are kilts and raid Scotland. Taking the ferry over let us get a great view of the Scottish coast and oh man is it beautiful, defiantly a place I want to revisit in the future with friends.

Felix Billion, hyping up the crowd with IQ.

It has been really nice getting time on the road to hang out with the team, telling stories and listening to some of the mad experiences some of the guys have had through there careers, with playing with some absolute legends to just some bizare moments with crazed fans.

Stephen moments before heading on stage.

I had an absolute blast traveling around with team green and appreciate the opportunity. I really admire the whole journey of touring, from working hard to produce your product then going out there and really sending the message home, its defiantly a concept I want to take on with Suffoca, and see where it takes us…