One afternoon speaking to my good pal Yo Poosh, he mentioned about linking me up with Taku and the guys are Create & Explore. I had known about there platform already as they featured a image of mine on Instagram and Taku happens to be one of my favourite music producers, so of course I was excited at the prospect.

After a short chat with the guys over email, It come to me producing some visuals to go with a unreleased music piece by ATU. At first I wasn’t to sure how to tackle it and my time was a bit squashed with current projects, but after having a little think, I decided to hit the streets and try to capture in film what I capture in my stills, I used to work very separate in both mediums, so the whole idea of pin pointing people and evoking a strong composition in a slow moving film was a new idea for me.

Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us

C&E_01_0002_Background copy

What the guys are doing with Create and Explore is great, building on conversations between mediums. From visual to auditory, beat makers are paired w/ photographers to create and explore the power of creative collaboration. If thats something you can’t stand with, your looking at things wrong.

CNE_Suffoca C&E_01_0001_Layer 3

My piece was a cross over of Japan footage and Local London footage, the environments really complement each other in the piece and I’m real happy with how it come out.
As always I sometimes feel like I could have done with more time more something else, the list goes on but I’m learning to put all I can in to the projects I’m on and move on to keep creating and keep learning.

C&E_01_0000_Layer 4

Hopefully its not the last time I cross paths with these guys, Would love to carry on creating content with them so will see where it leads.

Till then.

Toodle Pip