We have had our eyes on the NY Comic Con for some time. It’s definitely sits on our to do list. Luckily though, the London Comic Con popped up on the map in the meantime and so we decided to go take a look.
As soon as we walked into the train station to set off to the venue, the masquerade started with numerous people dressed up as their favourite characters head to toe – the day was looking good already.
Despite my expectations, I can’t say it was exactly what I was expecting. For what feels like such a big deal to so many people the whole organisation and set up of the whole event was slightly disappointing.  Having people wait in line for 2 hours to just enter, later to find out you could have probably just walked through, surprised me; but, despite all that, it did deliver in a lot of other ways and I had a great time. The huge amount of people who dressed up, living the life of a superhero for the day amazed me. I give full credit to them, some of the DIY costumes were incredible.
Next was the Cosplay (acting in costume). We got in early and were entertained from the get-go, with even the commentator telling us baffling stories about his “girlfriend”. After the intro the hardcore fans started their show; from my little pony to an huge amount of manga characters. Topping it for me, though, was, out of the blue, My Fair Lady. The whole idea of Cosplay was blowing my mind. All I could think of was what I would do and how fun it would be to do as a group of friends. We’ll see where this goes for the next Comic Con, London…
The day was full of laughs and left us on super low fuel, so my good friends introduced me to this neat place called Bibimbap, serving Korean cuisine. The presentation won me over and despite trying to pace myself slowly, I failed miserably and before I knew it, it was all gone. Definitely a place I shall be visiting again. Inevitably we decided to wash it down with some bubble tea.