Since all the Suffoca products are made fully customised, there is a lot of extra processes to look over and double check. From are custom cut of the t-shirts, to the handpicked colour dips, each step has to be over seen to make sure you get the best possible products.

So how do you get the best out of your producer? Once you find someone who cares about there craft and can create well made products, i have found these few steps have helped me:

– Be curious, not only do you only want to know what your getting but what you could get. With this curiosity you often gain knowledge.

– Ask advice/opinions from your producer, they will have done most things a great number of times before and should know the best for the product you are after.

– Communicate, keep as constant as you can, i would say i speak to my producer at least 1/2 times a week even if im not currently in production.

– Lastly, keep it positive. No one wants to work with depressed dave who makes everyone feel pants.

So heres a peek at some screen proofs that have recently come through, hope your as excited as i am.