Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
Recently I came across Will Eisners’s “New York The Big City” after wandering a book shop for a good hour, I had a peek and got fixated on the strange layout and short stories. He really captures some great street scenes and puts them in to short one page comic’s in this book. I went on to learn more about Will himself and it turns out he has had a big role in influencing the future of graphic novels, and I actually already had some of his work.

I have also started to collect the Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Archive Series, which other then blowing your head off from pure perfection give an amazing insight in to the background of the company’s greatest stories, characters and the way they tackle there work.
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Ai WeiWei, If you don’t know anything about him then take a minute or two too just browse over his wiki page. A great Chinese contemporary artist, he has an amazing background with stories to tell which will knock your socks off. I really enjoy following his adventures as it seems to be going from extreme to extreme.

Dr Seuss & Co Go To War, Im a big Seuss fan anyhow but this book is filled full of some great illustrations which many of us have never seen. Im also really intrigued about the 1st and 2nd world wars, as a kid and still now if a war film is on tv I cant help but get sucked in.
Building a library can be fun, you get to collect some amazing inspiration and learn a lot which will undoubtedly help you. Today a lot of are reading material is guided by google, we all see the same stuff and don’t really question it, books give a much more in-depth explanation and your more likely to read it direct from the source.