A creative is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

Here is a break down for you guys of the past few days…

A few weekends back, I took to the road with the guys from The Daily Street. We huddled in to a vintage Jaguar mark ii lent by Auto Trader, and set off with a real good looking schedule by Alex, little did we know a few hours in are plans would go to pot, pulling a school boy error of not thinking about the car we was in and its old ways. Our plan to reach Newcastle slowly slipped away, you can watch the events unwrap by watching the video below. Even with these hold ups on are adventure, we made the best of the situation and had a good time.

Next up, A pair of ducklings where found at a friends factory, lost and with out their mother. So after a few phone calls they fell in to my arms to look after for the afternoon, while I tried to find a new home for them. They ended up going to a nearby farm to grow up, sadly only one of the pair made it but apparently now he is running around with the geese on the pond living the life.

The past week, John and his dad flew over to refurb the JC London shop
Blog soundtrack ( Play in background )

Giles was down so a few of the gang went for a wander.

Neat espresso bar just off carnaby street. #coffeefix

Maple french toast w crisp bacon, grilled bananas and candied pecans ( Drool )
Birthday Treats, Bowling and Banter.

July seems to be the month of birthdays, covering a handful of good friends and myself its been a great month.

Feather feet nate

Kellen prepped up her game face

erm…. next

Rosie and Maisie. ( Rosie’s fingers do not hold the power of being able to make a click sound )

These two rule, some of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with, they also have one of the coolest kids around.

Mr Earl, never a dull moment while his chest hair drifts in the wind.

Creative head Timba joint the ranks for the bowl off, If I remember rightly he won the first round and celebrated with this beard.

Josh taking in the fresh smell of coconut butter from Nates hair.

Jemma made a wheat free chocolate mud cake with salted caramel icing for John’s birthday, it was only fair as a friend I would help eat it, and a bit more, and a bit more…. I ate way to much and felt like a bowling ball by the end of the night.