I often tell my friends you will never regret taking an opportunity to have an adventure and so far it’s proven true.

I popped over to Berlin for 24 hours, catching a super early flight. The sole purpose was for a Puma x Sneakerfreaker book launch which was set for the night. On my way over, I got to meet some rad people and hear their stories whilst we flew through the air.
I have only been to Berlin once before and I’ve been dying to get back over to explore. So, after a quick stop at the hotel, I set off with my new companions to wander through some city hotspots.
The thing I really love about these opportunities is being put on the spot, and thrown in at the deep end with new people. So you have to introduce yourself and most of the time you end up starting a friendship on a random adventure; which is something you can always relate on. This time I was lucky enough to meet Jimmy from Footpatrol, Dan from Urbanindustry and a friend of a friend, James, who lives in Berlin. It was the perfect mix of people which made the trip great, so thanks for that guys! As always I doubt that this will be the last time I see these guys and hopefully it won’t be the last you see of them on the blog!
We spent the night/morning roaming around taking in as much as we could, just before popping back to the hotel for an hour’s sleep before catching the plane home. Berlin, until next time…
This Rhubarb drink was all sorts of strange, but in a good way…