Now let me think about where it began…
Ah yes, by a lake, with a small, bean-shaped man.
So tell me, are you ready for me to begin?
Well then my friends, settle down and lean in…

At the spot where the wild crosses paths with the town,
Where the trees grow up tall, and their roots grow deep down,
And the buildings sprawl freely, entangled with vines,
There lies a great lake, obscured by the pines.

Now this lake is so large, so deep and so wide,
That the trees are pulled in by the strength of the tide,
And if you should wish to see the far shore,
It would be nigh impossible with your feet on the floor.

You would need a long ladder, or a very tall tree,
With a good head for heights and a day, clear and free,
For this lake is so large, and so deep and so wide,
That only up-high can you see the far side.

Now on that far shore, (‘twas the year ’88),
There emerged a small creature through a small wicker gate,
He had crawled from the pine grove, where the little stream ran,
Have you guessed who it is yet? Why… our friend, the Bean Man!

As he tiptoed away from that gate in the woods,
Where the trees he had known all his life proudly stood,
He waved them goodbye with a song in his heart,
It was now, Beanman knew, that his journey would start.

He hadn’t much with him, (he has no pockets, you see?),
But what he had was important, these things filled him with glee,
A new piece of chalk, and some paper and pens,
An some badges and stickers, to give to new friends.

But the piece de resistance, in this muddled hotch-potch,
Was a gift from his grandfather: an old pocket watch,
With a key that he wound up, to keep him in time,
To keep him on-schedule and to keep him in line.

So he took out his watch to check on the time,
“Half past 3?!” He exclaimed, “But it was only just 9!”,
So he pulled up his socks, and began on his way,
Around that wide lake for the rest of the day.

He wandered and walked and then wandered some more,
Along the long beaches, and across the short shores,
Until such a time that he came to a still,
For the trees had stopped growing at the edge of a hill.

He looked up an wondered, as he wandered along,
“Is there anything up there…? I’ll take a peek, t’won’t take long.”
So he clambered and climbed to the uppermost rock,
And gazed out, on a city, from his view from the top.

It was late in the evening and this city was calm,
No scraping or creaking, no cars or alarms,
And our friend thought “So quiet! I think I’ll go there,
It’ll be like the forest, but without all the bears!

So he walked through the night to the edge of the town,
Waving hi to a rabbit, by its hole in the ground,
And exchanging ‘good evenings’ with a passing red fox,
As it sniffed at some bin bags, in the mist by the docks.

It was then Beanman realised, he didn’t know this town’s name,
Or where to go, for that matter. All the streets looked the same!
But then out of the darkness, with a lamp shining bright,
There approached a tall figure, from the depths of the night.

Now a weak-hearted bean might have scarpered in fear,
But not our young hero, with his mind strong and clear,
He could see that this figure was a friend, not a foe,
And so he approached, shook his hand, and said “Hello”.

With grin and a dribble, this new friend followed suite,
Then passed Beanman his lantern, whilst he laced up his boot,
“But what is your name?” Beanman asked his new guide,
“Why, it’s Carny, or Carn”, Carn, or Carny, replied.

Beanman looked up at Carny and asked if he might
Show him round this large city for the rest of the night,
“Of course, my dear Beanman”, Carny said with delight,
“It would be my great pleasure, I can lead with my light!”

And so the pair set off, and began to explore,
Telling tales, sharing ideas – swapping stories galore,
By the morning they realised, having walked half the night
That they weren’t all that different, and had a future in sight.

It was that single moment, in the cold morning air,
That our story, dear reader, really started: then and there
as Bean looked at Carn, and Carn looked at Bean saying
“We’ll make an adventure, of the likes none have seen”.

“We’ll have timeless treats and stories galore,
Collectable pieces, and tales and more,
And we must name our journey something clearly defined,
Standing out amongst others, and one of a kind.”

Rising up from their chests, and from deep in their lungs,
They both bumped their heads as it rolled off their tongues…
SUFFOCA, we’ll call it. Though we don’t really know why,
Except that it’s ours (and yours, Dear Reader) to give wings and make fly.

So, therein lies the task… You heard it from me.
To spread this tall tale to your friends, set it free,
And to those who know nothing, or little or nowt,
Pass it on, share it round, that’s what we’re all about.

And as for our hero, what happens to him?
What next? Where to? and Why? on what whim?
Well, my dear reader, if you so wish to know,
Stay tuned to find out, and watch Suffoca grow…