Barcelona Today

My first adventure as a married man.

A mind full of curiosity

I never really thought about what Barcelona would be like, not sure why it never crossed my mind, but a few days after possibly the best day of my existence, followed by a few days of hanging with friends from oversea in the city, set up the perfect combo for truly remarkable trip.

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We set up camp at the Cotton House, incredibly good smelly hotel, top marks for that and secondly, visuals where just as pleasant but for the eyes. Built in the case of an old fabric factory there was some real character to the place.

I have always found the best way to discover a city is on your feet.

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The gothic district a short walk from our hotel was incredible, like I said before I hadn’t pictured anything in my head of what Barcelona would look like, then to walk 5 minutes round the corner and be engulfed by what felt like a set of games of thrones was incredible, one of my all top favourite things to see is history sitting hand and hand with contemporary and this city has it on show so blindingly.

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We checked out the Fundació Joan Miró art house, the building its self is just as impressive as the work inside, its great to see something so strongly appreciated. When your a kid and your taken an art exhibit, many of us haven’t firstly got to grips with how to take in all this information and secondly how to even concentrate long enough to get curious about it. Although the mind of being a kid is great, Im really happy to be able to understand more about what other people have created, questioned and achieved in times when things like “modernism” art was alien.

It’s not what you are capable of, it’s what you are hoping to accomplish

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Gaudí Roof tops which look like sweet shops and stairways reminiscing cartoon films help your head flip its thinking upside down, at least for a minute or two.


Güell Park was easily one of favourite moments from the trip, the recent years architecture is really starting to leak in to so many more peoples minds, including my own, not sure if thats to do with the whole Instagram boom or just plainly people noticing that architecture gives so much, Güell Park is a great example of setting your view in to playful mode, looking out over the city I couldn’t help but seeing the city as a huge playground, sprinkled with oddly shaped tree houses, colourful backgrounds and curved ramps everywhere (I need to skate in Barcelona).

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Of course like everyone does when they travel, you eat and eat, and eat. Highlight, mozzarella from (napa) this stuff was like liquid gold and I was like the kid from Matilda that eats the chocolate cake, couldn’t eat it fast enough but wanted it to last forever.

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Top three places

Brunch & Cake (Breakfast)
Napa (Tapas)
Carlota Akaneya (Japanese grill)

Travel, gain knowledge, share stories and create from those experiences.

Till next time,
Toddle pip.