You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

We recently set off over to Canary Wharf for an event which has had Kellen as excited as a kid waiting for christmas morning, the JC dodge ball tournament. As soon as Kellen stepped into London, she was on the look out for the UK dodgeball scene. I have never played dodgeball before, and even though I was filming, I had an awesome time and little did i know I would enjoy lobbing football sized balls at people, it’s great fun and sure works up an appetite.

I think Lenard’s jet lag made his legs turn in to whispy strings, making him even better at dodging.
After the game aload of us dragged are bodies off to Byron’s to fill up on some much needed burgers, homemade fries and Oreo milkshakes.
Ollie lost his neck from starvation.

Nate couldn’t pull his eyes off the menu for even a photo, hunger is a funny thing.