There comes a time when you must choose between what is easy and what is right.

We were recently lucky enough to get an early showing around the Harry Potter Studio Tour before it opened up to the public. It’s fair to say, we were all super excited about walking through the sets and seeing all the amazing work which transforms J.K Rowling’s imaginary world in to as real as it gets.

My family has always had its fingers slightly dipped in the film industry and I’ve been lucky enough to see a few sets, but the sheer details which have gone in to the whole world of Harry Potter, will blow everyones minds and turn your head in to overdrive for inspiration.

As you wander through, there’s backgrounds, videos and notes on the people who made which area of the film come to life,and how they tackled the biggest story ive ever known to be produced. The details of props, set finishes all make the whole thing feel so real. I’m sure while they were filming It would of been easy to convince yourself, you were in JK Rawlings head.

I don’t want to spoil the adventure for you, so I’ve chosen a small handful of shots, to show you all what made me stroll round like a sponge trying to take in as much as I could.