Guest Views :: Nathan Kane

A professed love for chemicals on cellulose is nothing new. The process however, seems new every time. You start a new storyline as soon as you click off that first frame. Still leaves me stoked as hell wondering what I captured on the roll after it’s spent. At times I’m a sucker for high risk, high reward situations, so I figured it was high time for me to complete (except for making prints) the film photography circle of life.
Maybe it wasn’t super high risk since client work wasn’t in the balance, but shooting expired Kodak TMAX two stops underexposed on purpose, knowing that development is in your hands, leaves you kind of uneasy. It’s the best kind of uneasy though, I can promise you that.  2013_12_31_Oyster_Dome-8.jpg
In the interest of seeing how quick my turn around time could be, I gathered the materials for a bare bones development kit the day after I shot this roll. Being pretty anxious to see the snaps of a hike to the beautiful Oyster Dome with my friends, I set to work that night. Although I had a hell of a time loading the reel, I’m pretty happy with the results. Film scratches included.
Overlook onto Samish Bay. The first part of an amazing hike.
Forest gettin’ foggy. Mike gettin’ lost.
Always look up.
Best bud Alex embracing the metal. #natureismetal
Emily and Mike on top of the dome.
The view from my new home. Adventure just outside the front door. Here’s to more rolls, more adventure, more smiles.

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