The past few weeks have been so jam packed, most of which has been hanging out with friends and working. A whole bunch of friends flew over from the states to support/helpout at the brand new JohnnyCupcakes Store and for most, see London for the first time.   It amaze’s me when you meet someone for the first time and seem to get along like you’ve been friends for years, i cant say enough about this bunch. Its been a blast having them over, adventuring around, telling storys, being inspired and laughing till are eye lids fall asleep.

You can defiantly see were Johnny gets his character from, Michael never seems to stops from crafting furnishings for the store, cracking jokes and just wearing a smile. The whole Earle family are so supportive of each other it blows my mind, i feel lucky to have them as friends.

While we wandered London, i noticed how much they inspire me. They defiantly rack up there at the top for the most imaginative people i know, not for just knowing there craft but really pushing it every day.  Cant wait to head to the states to have some more adventures. Also if you havent already caught the JC Videos from buildout to opening day check them out here.