Chris Stamp

I stopped over in LA to shoot a project featuring Chris Stamp. I have shot with Chris before back in London but it was great to get to hangout on his turf, get to see where he runs his business and meet Baxter the dog of course. Catching the last of the sun, we took a hike to catch this amazing view, pretty perfect day.

Suffoca_Chris_Stamp_02 Suffoca_Chris_Stamp_01 6K3A9906 6K3A9910

I was staying in The Ace downtown, and it seems like so much had already changed since I last visited, there was a bunch of good spots to eat, of course a much needed stop at Egg Slut always, but genuinely the atmosphere of downtown and the crowd seemed a lot more active and creative, pretty great to see.


My guy Nuwoe, the mastermind of planning, keeping me on schedule and the mood lit.



Friends and Family

Straight from shooting in LA, I jumped on an overnight flight to NYC, again this was a quick stop by for a few days. First meeting up with Jesse from Alife, as I have said in previous posts featuring Jesse, I can’t say enough good things about this guy, thanks again for the amazing hospitality.


The bonus of traveling all the time is that I can catch up with friends in town; I got to hang with some of my close friends from Johnny Cupcakes and finally put a face to my buddy YoPoosh.

Suffoca_Reallife 6K3A9946 6K3A9947

I spent the last day shooting a piece with Dee & Ricky before heading home.


I feel like I’m in my element when I’m rushed off my feet and put in a situation where you have to act, create and produce with no hesitation, but o boy does it tire you out.

It was time to head home.

Toodle Pip